Tue, Feb. 9, 2016: All ferries on schedule for today. Office opens at 9am 1.866.783.7996

Block Island Ferry Block Island Ferry


Now open for vehicle reservations for the entire year of 2016

All vehicle reservations must be made by phone. 


Please call, (866) 783-7996 ext 3.

Watch this informative video regarding traveling to Block Island with your vehicle.

Please have the following information available when you call to reserve vehicle:

  • Desired travel dates & times. Please check the 2016 Traditional schedule online to plan your desired travel times prior to booking.
  • Make and model of vehicle
  • Credit card information
  • Valid email address. Your confirmation letter will be emailed to you.
  • Please take note that vehicle reservations require arrival one hour before the boat’s departure; please plan desired travel times accordingly.
  • You must indicate whether there will be anything on top, front, or back of your vehicle, as this may affect availability.
  • Please determine total vehicle height prior to booking; you must indicate if your vehicle will exceed 7 feet in height, as this may alter availability and pricing.

Vehicle Registration Procedures

  • All vehicle reservations must be booked in advance, by telephone. Vehicle reservations for summer weekends and holidays should be booked in early January.
  • All vehicle reservations must be paid in advance by credit card.
  • Once your reservation is made, you will receive a confirmation email. Please review your confirmation to ensure all information is accurate.  If an error is found you must call the reservation office immediately. Please present this letter and a photo ID upon check-in.
  • All vehicles with a reservation must be at the dock and checked in at the car ticket window 1-HOUR prior to departure time. Failure to do so could result in reservation forfeiture.
  • Driver & passenger tickets may be purchased on the day of travel at the car ticket window during check-in.
  • In the event the ferry is canceled, your reservation is also canceled. Please call the reservation office to reschedule.
  • All vehicles are transported at the owners risk and must be accompanied by a driver.
  • Under Coast Guard regulation #49 CFR 172.101: No full portable gasoline or propane tanks are allowed on vessels carrying passengers.

Cancellation Policy

All Reservations must be cancelled 7 days in advance of departure date to receive a refund, at which time you will be assessed a $12.85 cancellation fee per one way reservation.  Cancellation within 7 days will not be eligible for a refund.

Change Policy

Vehicle changes must be made in advance.  Reservations may be changed only twice any time prior to seven days before departure.  During those seven days only one additional change may be made.  Reservations changed within the seven day time period must be used and cannot be changed again or canceled and issued a refund.  Changes must be within the calendar year.  Changes cannot be made once the reservation date and time have passed.


General Standby Information (Summer Procedures)

  • Standby is available for those who were unable to book a vehicle reservation in advance or who are looking to improve their reserved ferry times.
  • Standby availability is offered on a first come first serve basis on the day of travel, not per boat. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to arrive at least one full hour in advance of sailing time, earlier on summer weekend days.
  • Daily standby signup begins each calendar day one hour prior to the first ferry departure time that day.
  • Standby signup is available in person only. Standby may not be signed up for in advanced or over the phone. Standby lists do not transfer over to the next calendar day.
  • Being approved for Standby transportation that day does not guarantee you a return ferry reservation. It is best to check return availability in advance prior to Standby signup. Standby is also available for departures leaving Block Island.
  • **Please be advised that signing up for Standby will not guarantee you a departure time for that day. Plan accordingly if you must depart Block Island by a specific date or time.
  • A driver must be present at all times to remain with the vehicle in the Standby Lot. If your vehicle is approved for Standby and a driver is not present at that time, your vehicle will be skipped over to the next vehicle in line.
  • If your vehicle is not called for the current ferry time, you may choose to remain on standby for the next ferry. Your spot in line will be held as you remain in the standby lot with your vehicle. Once your vehicle leaves the standby lot, your place in line will be forfeited.
  • If you are approved for standby and you have already paid for a vehicle reservation in advance, your reservation and applied payment will be transferred to your approved standby departure time instead. Please have a copy of your confirmation email or confirmation number when checking in at the window. **Important to know: If attempting to improve inconvenient reservation times, it is best to reserve for a later ferry time and arrive earlier for Standby signup. Missed reservations will be forfeited and non-refundable.

Standby Procedure (Day of Travel)

**Standby information and procedures are for high season travel. For off season standby travel, please check in at the reservation lot at the main ferry terminal and the attendant will direct you.

High season standby travel:

  • Those looking to sign up for Standby may report directly to our Standby Lot without needing to first stop at our ferry terminal.

Getting to the Standby Lot:

Once you pass the main ferry terminal continue down Great Island Road in the left lane (one way street). Follow the road all the way down and bear left around the corner. Bear left one final time (you will have driven in a half circle around the block at this point). Once the road straightens out again, you will find our Standby Lot entrance on the right side of the road. The Standby Lot is the only lot on the right side of the road and there will be a sign marking the entrance.

  • Pull your vehicle into the Standby Lot entrance and wait for the Standby Lot Attendant to check you in.
  • Lot Attendant will direct you where to park your vehicle while waiting in Standby. They will also write out a Vehicle Security Form that they will keep until you have been cleared for Standby (You will need this form for check-in at the Car ticket window if approved for Standby).
  • If your vehicle is not called for the current ferry time, you may choose to remain on standby for the next ferry. Your spot in line will be held as long as you remain in the standby lot with your vehicle. Once your vehicle leaves the standby lot, your place in line will be forfeited.
  • If you are not called for the current departure time, the Lot Attendant will assume you will remain in line for the next departure.
  • If your vehicle is called for Standby, a driver must be present. If your vehicle is called and no driver is present, your car will be skipped over to the next vehicle in line.
  • If your vehicle is called for Standby, the Lot Attendant will inform you and direct you to the Reservations Lot at the ferry terminal for check-in. Pull your car into the reservation lot where there will be another lot Attendant expecting your arrival. They will direct you where to park your car while you check-in and purchase your passenger tickets at the Car Ticket Window. After you have checked-in and purchased your ferry tickets, you may return to your vehicle and back it onto the ferry. The Lot Attendant and crew members will be there to assist and direct you.