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Block Island Ferry


The air’s getting a bit crisper and the leaves on the trees are shifting from their green hues to brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows. Your first inclination may be to go leaf peeping up north. But have you thought about an autumn trip to Block Island?

While widely considered a summer destination, Block Island has many fall activities and sites much closer to home. Why get stuck in traffic on your way up to Vermont and New Hampshire when you can take a relaxing 1 hour long ride on the ferry?

Starting to sound good? Well, let us give you a few suggestions of what to do when you come on over to New Shoreham.


Fields and ocean, Victorian houses and cliff-sides, lakes and lighthouses. For its size Block Island has a lot to look at in such a short distance. There are quite a few sites available walking distance from the ferry. However, if you’d like to venture further out, bike and moped rentals are still available. Don’t mind a little cold water? Rent a kayak and take a tour around the Great Salt Pond!


Block Island is regarded as one of the best locations in New England to view migrating birds. Its location is a perfect spot for our feathered friends to rest up and eat on their way down to warmer climates. A few great places to bird-watch are Block Island National Wildlife Refuge, Rodman’s Hollow, and Clay Head Preserve. While you’re out on the trails, be sure to keep an eye out for the much searched for and prized orbs from the Glass Float Project. As of September of this year, over 300 out of the 550 Floats hidden are still unaccounted for!


Just because it’s off-season, doesn’t mean Block Island has shut down. There’s still plenty of places to visit. Most shops are still open, and the local restaurants are serving up delicious food and drink. If a whirlwind daytrip is not your thing, be sure to book a stay at one of the many hotels on the island. And if you REALLY want to relax, let the folks over at Koru Eco Spa treat you to some pampering! 

Most people consider Block Island to be strictly a summer destination. However, we hope we’ve convinced you that the island offers our visitors much more year-round. We look forward to seeing you soon as you rediscover the island again!

Sail Away…