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Employee Spotlight: Janette Centracchio

02-18-2017 //

Employee Spotlight: Janette Centracchio

No matter where on Block Island any trip ends up, for decades, they have all started in the same place—with a call to the ticket office. Janette Centracchio has been working at the Block Island Ferry company for quite some time. Currently, she is the manager of the Ticket Office and oversees reservations for spots on the vessels, including cars. The journey to her current role, like the story of Interstate Navigation itself, is full of consistent service and always-evolving process.

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Winter on the Island

02-04-2017 //

Winter on the Island 2017

It’s one of New England’s biggest mysteries. It is a deep question about one of our time-honored traditions. For decades, in various cities and towns throughout the region, people have sat huddled together in the winter and wondered aloud to their friends and family:

Hm. What happens on Block Island in the winter anyway?!

Well, search no more! We put together a couple of tips to guide and enlighten you. Here are a few bits of information that you need to know regarding the winter “down” months on your favorite Island!

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The History of the Block Island Ferry Jingle

01-14-2017 //


It’s one of the most recognizable sounds in all of New England. For decades, it has served as the official signal of the summer season. Every local in the region knows that when you hear those calypso-inspired steel drums and that iconic intro, good times are coming:

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The Year on Block Island: A Recap of 2016


The end of the year is the perfect time to sit back and reflect on great moments and also look forward to great things to come. 2016 was yet another great year for the Block Island Ferry and the Block Island community. This year saw some of our favorite island traditions carried on, as well as some historic new innovations. Through it all, the Ferry was there to guide and bracket all of your island experiences and we couldn’t be more proud to continue in that role. Continue reading “The Year on Block Island: A Recap of 2016” »

Christmas on Block Island


A Block Island Christmas getaway is a bit of a “best kept secret” around this time of year. While the summertime gets all of the shine, the cooler seasons often get overlooked. With the merriest of seasons getting busier every year on the mainland, it may be time to seriously consider escaping to the Island for Christmas. Much like our Thanksgiving thoughts, we figured we’d spread joy and gift you some reasons why you should consider spending this holiday across the water. Continue reading “Christmas on Block Island” »

Thanksgiving on the Island


With another great Block Island summer in the books, the Island is in the midst of its annual transformation into a unique, alternative fall hotspot! Yes, the beaches and summer sun are the most popular draws in the warmer months, but Block Island really glows when things cool off here in New England. There are a ton of great autumn activities to make a November trip across the water worth thinking about. Continue reading “Thanksgiving on the Island” »

Employee Spotlight on Joseph Houlihan

11-05-2016 //


“It was a big project, but commerce marched on as the work was done — the ferries never missed a beat and the schedule was never compromised. The boats came in and the boats left on time — one of life’s certainties in Point Judith.”

Those are the reflections of writer and journalist J.V. Houlihan, speaking about the Block Island Ferry company in the 1980s. Houlihan, like the Block Island Ferry, is a local staple. He writes a reliable column for the Block Island Times called The Ferry Dock Scribbler. He has been published and to this day continues a writing journey that started fifty years ago. Houlihan also taught English and Literature for 32 years. Continue reading “Employee Spotlight on Joseph Houlihan” »

The History of the Block Island Lighthouses

10-22-2016 //


For anyone familiar with the Island, North and Southeast Lighthouses are the literal pillars of Block Island life, sitting as polar attractions. These days, the lighthouses are two of the monuments that tourists just have to check out when they come for a visit. The rich history is the draw (the views aren’t so bad either!) and both lighthouses are stories onto themselves! Both serve as true symbols to the past, present, and future of Block Island. Due to weather and shifting land, it took a few iterations but the lighthouses, made to help guide and protect mariners, are here to stay. Continue reading “The History of the Block Island Lighthouses” »

Block Island Wind Farm


The past decade has seen the conversation about climate change and renewable energy reach a fever pitch. The topic and potential solutions have been discussed in politics at the national and local level, as seen in this year’s Presidential Debate, as well other campaign platforms in recent years. Wind Farming has grown exponentially since that time and provides around 5 percent of national electric energy. Offshore wind farming has long been discussed as a better innovation, but projects have never been able to get going. That is — until now! Continue reading “Block Island Wind Farm” »

Block Island Weddings


There aren’t many things that produce more beautiful memories than a beach destination wedding! Turning a wedding ceremony into a mini-vacation getaway sounds like a dream, but the reality can be a little jarring. Between the expenses (the average destination wedding is around $23,000) and coordination (Ever tried asking 100 guests to coordinate air travel to the Caribbean?) — things can quickly get overwhelming and steal the focus from the matrimonial main event.

If only there was an all-in-one inexpensive alternative, complete with beautiful island views, quality services, and a convenient location. Here are a few reasons why you may be hearing wedding bells on Block Island! Continue reading “Block Island Weddings” »