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Luggage Policy

High Speed Luggage Policy: Passengers are limited to: (1) Small Carry-on in the cabin (back pack, purse, briefcase) & (2) pieces of personal luggage to be stowed in the luggage racks (limit of 30 lb. per passenger). Allowable luggage: suitcases, duffle bags, garment bags & small coolers. All personal luggage will be stowed by vessel crews in the luggage racks and are not permitted in the cabin.

Surfboards or excess luggage will be permitted at the discretion of Captain or Interstate Navigation Co. management and will not be permitted on heavily traveled trips

Federal regulations (USCG) prohibit stowage of luggage inside of the passenger cabin(s) on our high-speed ferry vessels. The U.S. Coast Guard will allow passengers to keep a single small backpack or bag, pocketbook, purse, briefcase, or laptop computer at their seat. For your safety, we are required to keep the cabin aisles on the vessel clear for emergency egress, and to minimize personal luggage in the cabin. We will accommodate baby strollers to ensure your children’s safety and comfort during the voyage.

We have limited stowage space for personal luggage aboard the vessel. All freight, large quantities of groceries, boxed parcels, tools, and deck cargo will not be allowed. We will accommodate all your freight, large items, and other deck cargo on the traditional passenger/vehicle ferry vessels. Passengers will be able to ship items on the traditional ferry and ride the high-speed ferry. Click here for freight information or contact the freight office at (401) 783-4613 ext. 5118 for information and scheduling.

If you have any questions regarding luggage, please call the vessel operations office at (401) 783-4613, ext. 5116 or 5193. You may also send your questions via e-mail to: info@blockislandferry.com.