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MV Anna C.

MV Anna C.

Traditional Ferry

The passenger/vehicle ferry ANNA C. was built in 1986 by Eastern Marine Shipyard in Panama City, Florida exclusively for Interstate Navigation Company owner John H. Wronowski. The vessel was designed by John W. Gilbert Associates, Inc., and is USCG, Subchapter “K” certified for 1285 passengers. The ANNA C. was originally designed to operate as the “winter boat”, and ran year-round on the Block Island run, until the ferry BLOCK ISLAND went into service in 1997. The ANNA C. was originally considered to be an improved design, from that of her near sister ship CAROL JEAN, which had served as the previous winter vessel. The ANNA C. was built with more horsepower, enhanced maneuvering characteristics, a greater length for increased vehicle capacity and insulated passenger cabins. The vessel features (3) Cummins diesel propulsion engines for a total of 3750 HP. The vessel is 190 feet in length, 98 gross tons, and features a service speed of 16.5 knots. The vessel may carry 35 automobiles and utilizes a two-lane configuration for the carriage of commercial trucks and vehicles. The passenger cabins on the vessel feature food and beverage concessions, table and bench seating and standard bench style seating on the exterior decks.

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