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Block Island Ferry

The Block Island Beach Guide!

North, south, east, or west. No matter where you head on Block Island, you’re bound to run into a beach available to enjoy! Each one has their own advantages for whatever type of ocean-going experience you’re looking for. It may be a little overwhelming figuring out which one you should visit, though. That’s why we’ve put together a quick and simple breakdown of all the beaches on the island and their specialties. Visit one or visit them all! The island is your seaside playground!

The Traditional Beach Experience

Sand, sea, and sun. For most of us, a beach day is an [SC1] excuse to sit back and relax. If this is your personal preference, Block Island offers a beach location for any age group! If you have little ones and are looking for shallow, calm waters, there’s Baby Beach near the intersection of Corn Neck Rd and Beach Ave. For families of all ages, Fred Benson Town Beach has multiple amenities including restrooms, food, showers, and more. Maybe you’re a little older and looking to get away from the parents? Scotch Beach, located at the northeast part of Great Salt Pond, is where all the young adults get together.

Beaches for Activities

Laying for hours on the sand not your ideal beach-going experience? Block Island has other seaside locations for a variety of other activities. For those looking to ride the waves, be sure to check out Black Rock for traditional surfing and Mansion Beach for body surfing. Want to get a little closer to the fishes? Surf Beach is an excellent place for snorkeling. If you want to get really close to wildlife, go to Charlestown Beach for great fishing and Andy’s Way for excellent clamming.

Sightseeing Along the Sea

Of course, the views on the island are always spectacular and there are plenty of ocean views to take in. Both lighthouse areas offer wonderful experiences. In the north, swing by Cow Cove and the North Light Area for views of the North Light as well as a variety of the island’s wildlife. In the south, the iconic Mohegan Bluffs gives you an unforgettable photo opportunity as well as access to the Southeast Lighthouse. If you’re looking for something a little different, West Beach is a great place to search for sea glass and Vaill Beach is a stone’s throw from the famous Painted Rock. If you’re into something a bit more meditative, there are a few places to stroll, take in the salt air and beautiful sunsets such as Dinghy Beach, Grace’s, Dorry’s and Conneymus Coves.

There’s a reason Rhode Island is called the Ocean State. Where else in New England can you find a beach for every personality type so close to one another? Next time you’re on the island, be sure to check out some sea and sand somewhere new. You might just find your new favorite beach!

Get your feet wet and Sail Away…